How do I contact XendNow?

You can contact us in the following ways:

(a) Phone line: +6012 429 8650

(b) Email: enquiries@xendnow.my

Please note our working hours are Monday-Friday, 8.30am-6pm.

What kind of items can't be shipped using XendNow?

Kindly refer to our Prohibited Items List.

Is the information I provide XendNow secure?

XendNow is committed to protecting our customers’ privacy. Kindly view our Privacy Policy here.

Which weight should I use / How will you charge me: By actual weight or volumetric weight?

To get the actual charge for your shipment, you need to input the actual weight as well as the volumetric dimension of your package. We will charge you according to whichever weight is the highest. However, final weight will be determined by XENDNOW and we will notify customer if there are any additional charges to be imposed. XENDNOW has the right to hold the shipment until the payment for the additional charges has been made.

What should I do if no one comes to pick up my shipment?

We will arrange another pick-up on the next working day. However, you may still contact us at +6012 429 8650 or email us at enquiries@xendnow.my for assistance.


How can I know the status of my shipment?

To know the status of your shipment, you can go to our tracking page, then enter a tracking number.

If the status is Out For Delivery (OFD), what time will my shipment arrive?

Generally speaking, that would mean delivery should be made to you on that day sometime between 8.30am and 6 pm.

What happens if no one is at home to accept the delivery?

Our courier personnel will try to contact you immediately. You can ask him to leave your document or parcel in your mailbox or with your neighbor. Please note, if you cannot be contacted, the delivery status will be updated as “No Receiver” and delivery will attempted again the following working day. If you missed the first delivery attempt, you may contact our customer service and request a more convenient delivery time or choose to pick up your shipment from our station. Please take note that re-delivery requests require at least 24 hours’ notice to be arranged. In normal situations, XendNow will make up to 3 attempts to deliver your document/parcel before it will be stored in the station where it will be kept for 5 days and then sent back to the sender. If a shipment is returned, additional charges may apply.


How can I make payment?

Corporate clients:

Online banking, cheque and bank draft.


Walk-in customers:

Cash at counter.

What does the price I pay include?

The nett price includes Fuel and Handling surcharge.

**We will inform you once our company has registered under Sales and Service Tax.


How do I package my items?

How to label my shipment?

Kindly print out the E-CN sticker and stick on the top right corner.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can. This is possible only when delivery is still at collection status.


How do I make a claim?

Any claims because of loss or damage or to the Shipment shall be made in writing and submitted by email within 14 calendar days of the delivery date. The content, original shipping carton, and packaging of the Shipment shall be made available to XendNow within 7 calendar days from the date of written notification in order for XendNow to evaluate the claim for damage. For a better understanding of claim procedure and processing, please click here to refer to XENDNOW SERVICE T&C (Clause 15: Notification and claim for Loss and Damage Shipment). You may also refer to Clause 11: No liability and/or limited liability.

Is there anything that could invalidate my claim?

Do I need to retain the damaged shipment for which I want to submit a claim?

Yes you do. We may need the shipment (including its packaging) for inspection. You must retain any damaged item, packaging, and all contents until the claim is resolved. Kindly refer to XENDNOW SERVICE T&C (Clause 16: Notification and claim for Loss and Damage Shipment).